Teaching and Mentoring

NODFA believes that youth is the most vital asset of any community and has a dedicated team to assist and nurture the youth in the community. We want to provide a platform for youth to get involved in community activities as well as a support system for them to consult in both personal and professional lives.We organise various sessions and events such as

  • Life-support courses
  • Helping GSCE/A Level students
  • Mentoring and career counselling
  • Helping people understand medical conditions
  • Support in dealing with loss and disease.

NODFA’s Teaching and Mentoring Wing undertakes a series of activities for guiding the Community , Children’s and Doctors .


Some of Our Activities

  • Career Counselling
  • Helping Junior Doctors
  • Mentoring sessions
  • GMC Related Courses
  • Job Interview Practice
  • Exam Preparations
  • Teaching sessions for young doctors

Headed By

Dr Habib Haider

Consultant Acute Medicine & Stroke

Medical Teaching Wing Lead

Teaching is always my passion and I have done several courses including Instructor courses. I have been a NODFA member since its foundation. Working as a Consultant in Acute Medicine is changeling and I am extremely proud to be part of the Executive Teaching team and leading the Medical Teaching platform of NODFA. I would like to use this opportunity to promote educational activities locally and on a national basis and guide Junior Doctors in their career pathway & professional development.

CSA Workshop

Hi everyone, Nottinghamshire Doctors Family Association ( NODFA) teaching team, would like to invite GP trainees, preferably GPST3’s and GPST2’s who are interested to register for this CSA mock exam.So far, we have had a great response.It is a great opportunity for...

NODFA Teaching and Mentoring Session 19 January 2019

NODFA Teaching and Mentoring session. A very successful session which is attended by the doctors of all specialities and grades. One to one advices are given. Click the picture to see more Picture 
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